Here you will find information on trusts that can help assist with financing your Rotary Projects 

Chenery Memorial Trust, Lois Dalley Charitable Trust and June Gray Charitable Trust

The Purpose of the three Trusts is:

To assist Charitable Organisations, Schools, Sporting and Cultural bodies, including Rotary and other Community based organisations with financial subsidies and support for Community based projects across New Zealand.The Trusts do not fund any costs relating to any travel domestic or International. Neither do the Trusts fund projects outside New Zealand.


Harold Thomas Rotary Trust

The trust was established by Rotary International Past President Harold Thomas (Rotary Club of Auckland) in 1973.  In 1985 the trust received a magnificent gift from Past District Governor Bernie Ross (Rotary Club of Manurewa) & his wife, which added greatly to the capital of the trust. 
In essence, the Trust uses its income to assist children from Pacific Islands or within NZ with any sort of medical need. 
The Trust receives applications from Rotary Clubs and funds the child/children in need through matching the clubs funding, up to $10,000.  Occasionally they fund district-wide, Rotaract & Inner Wheel projects.   Discover