Rotary Alumni

For the purposes of this page, 'Rotary Alumni' refers to those people who have been selected for, and taken part and completed (graduated) involvement with the programmes of Rotary International, the Rotary Foundation and / or programmes run by Rotary Districts.
“Your connection to Rotary doesn’t end after your program; it’s just the beginning. You are instantly plugged into a global network of influencers, community and business leaders, people who have immense resources to help you create and foster change throughout your career. So many doors have been opened to me because I’m affiliated with Rotary.”
— Andy Stoll, past Rotary Scholar

You are a Rotary International / Foundation alum if you participated in any of the following programs at any time (even if many years ago):


Rotary alumni are individuals who have experienced Rotary through various programs, including, but not limited to:

  • Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)
  • National Science & Technology Forum
  • Rotary Australia & New Zealand Student Exchange (RANZSE)
  • Vocational Training Teams (members and leaders)
  • Group Study Exchange (GSE)
  • Ambassadorial Scholarships

and many others.

Added to this are district programmes such as Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment, Rotary Australia New Zealand Matched Student Exchange and similar.
Note that each district has their own information and application processes and contact so please go to the appropriate Rotary District for this.
You just have to ask.  Alumni can ask Rotary "what next" and Rotary can invite Alumni to continue involvement.  Most districts have Alumni initiatives for the purpose of:
  •  Establishing and maintaining a common bond among  alumni
  •  Providing a connection enabling alumni to network with one another and with Rotarians
  •  Linking the vocational interests of alumni with similar interests of Rotarians and other alumni
  •  Providing opportunities for involvement in Rotary educational and humanitarian service projects
  •  Facilitating membership in Rotary clubs, including e-clubs
Some examples:
  • Rotary Youth Exchange students invited to apply for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award participants giving back to their sponsoring club by helping with occasional projects
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award participants invited to join Rotary - this is becoming more common and they are really enjoying being Rotarians
  • Within Rotary membership there are dozens of Rotarians who are former Rotaractors, RYLArians and other Alumni
Obviously further involvement is subject to the criteria for various programmes or membership but Rotary Alumni have a huge advantage for acceptance.