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Project One funding

The Project One current funding model is based on 2 key elements:

1. providing system maintenance across the 5 servers AND
2. on boarding as Clubs and Districts choose to switch over from ClubRunner and Xero/MYOB.and cutting costs to Clubs

In 2021/2022 several workshops were held and a number of 'extras' were identified such as the desirability of a Member Dashboard or txt messages as an alternative to emails.
Those projects have been contingent on extra funding and people resources.

We have considerable interest in those and other extensions to the system.
We are building the team to help but thework cannot be delivered without that other resource - money.

We are conscious that with the Floods, loss of membership after COVID etc that money is tight.
However if we are to take advantage of the base that we have built to create a new way of delivering Rotary to our communities we need more funding.

In the meantime development is continuing but perhaps at a pace that is frustrating.

Please remember Clubrunner is still available although the costs are going up.  The ROZOps board has agreed to continue to provide administration assistance with clubrunner on a subscription by subscription basis.  We are working through the change in processes with Clubrunner and the costs associated with that.

We have had discussions on providing clubs with a proforma invoice so that clubs can understand the fundraising required at a club level.  If that is a solution we would issue those based on  membership bands. It would be of tremendous help if you could provide feedback on this suggestion on how to accelerate this project.  


Please raise this at your Club  meetings and hopefully we can raise more funds to do more from Clubs or Trusts or individuals