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Rotary Events - insurance and risk management

Craig Horrocks

Rotary Oceania (the trading name for ROZops Limited) holds a master policy for event insurance for Rotary in Oceania effective up to 31 December 2023.  Event insurance for 2024 will be advised in January once the base Associations and GL policies are renewed on 31 December 2023.  Renewal is confirmed and in process.  The existing cover enables Rotary Oceania to issue event insurance cover certificates for standard events and organise extensions for events that have special risks.  AGAIN this policy will not be available in 2024.  Follow this post to get updates.

Special risks include risk to property owners (such as Home Tours), integrating insurance and risk management with contractors (such as Stallholders) or risks where there are obligations to other parties as a result of requirements such as traffic management.

The Event Insurance policy is issued to ROZevents Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rozops Limited as an Event Planner.

You are encouraged to use the ROZEvents Event Management Agreement as preliminary checklist.

That document can be obtains by filing a Helpdesk ticket with the Issue being Insurance.

The template agreement will assist you working with your District Insurance Officer (DIO) to work out whether Event Insurance is required.  Who is your District Insurance Officer?  as the person assigned to this role may be changed please consult your Area Governor or District Governor for advice on who is to be contacted.

Some quick guides notes:

        ◦ Standard fund raisers such as hospitality events or BBQs etc outside retail premises are usually fully covered by the general liability policy – that is a separate type of policy from event cover and is a national policy.  This cover is paid by the Districts and is therefore available without further payment.  There may be admin fees or extra premium if the property owner wants specific extra requirements covered.

        ◦ Standard event insurance works by being advised by ROZevents.

        ◦ ROZevents provides that advice through  the template agreement.

        ◦ Usually ROZevents delegates management and control of the event to the organising Club, District or other Rotary entity

        ◦ ROZevents can help with events that require national marketing, ticketing processes through an agreed schedule of “Event Project Management Services” If the event organiser wants that assistance, this agreement is used to record those services and who pays for what.

        ◦ Events that have special risks, such as events that require traffic management, crowd management, use of private property or use of motor vehicles or plant and equipment bring in third parties and the risk for such parties are usually not covered by ‘general’ liability or standard event insurance. How these risks are managed is through ensuring that for example traffic management contractors confirm to you that they have as part of providing their services, adequate insurance.

Your DIO is there to help you through with risk management and insurance.