Our speaker will be John Steele - ‘No Ordinary Man’
Location: The Grand Millennium Hotel, Mayoral Drive, Auckland - 17/4/23, 12:15 am - 17/4/23, 1:45 am (UTC) (1 hour 30 minutes)

John Steele

John started his working life as a journalist with the New Zealand Herald and NZBC before a 40-year career in the motor industry.  In retirement he returned to writing, with a particular interest in New Zealand history.  His first book – Smales’ Trail, an historical biography, was published in 2012, followed by When Toawaka Met Cook (co-author 2019), interspersed with writing and editing roles for a variety of papers, books and journals.  In between fishing and reading, he remains active on heritage and historical projects in both Auckland and Mercury Bay where he lives.