Rotary Alumni
For the purposes of this page, 'Rotary Alumni' refers to those people who have been selected for, and taken part and completed (graduated) involvement with the programmes of Rotary International, the Rotary Foundation and / or programmes run by Rotary Districts.
“Your connection to Rotary doesn’t end after your program; it’s just the beginning. You are instantly plugged into a global network of influencers, community and business leaders, people who have immense resources to help you create and foster change throughout your career. So many doors have been opened to me because I’m affiliated with Rotary.”
— Andy Stoll, past Rotary Scholar

You are a Rotary International / Foundation alum if you participated in any of the following programs:

, , , New Generations Service Exchange, (RYLA), , (funded by global grants or district grants), (members and leaders), Ambassadorial Scholarships, Grants for University Teachers, Group Study Exchange (members and leaders), and Rotary Volunteers.

Added to this are district programmes such as Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment, Rotary Australia New Zealand Matched Student Exchange and similar.
You just have to ask.  Alumni can ask Rotary "what next" and Rotary can invite Alumni to continue involvement.  Most districts have Alumni initiatives for the purpose of:
  •  Establishing and maintaining a common bond among  alumni
  •  Providing a connection enabling alumni to network with one another and with Rotarians
  •  Linking the vocational interests of alumni with similar interests of Rotarians and other alumni
  •  Providing opportunities for involvement in Rotary educational and humanitarian service projects
  •  Facilitating membership in Rotary clubs, including e-clubs
Some examples:
  • Rotary Youth Exchange students invited to apply for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award participants giving back to their sponsoring club by helping with occasional projects
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award participants invited to join Rotary - this is becoming more common and they are really enjoying being Rotarians
  • Within Rotary membership there are dozens of Rotarians who are former Rotaractors, RYLArians and other Alumni
Obviously further involvement is subject to the criteria for various programmes or membership but Rotary Alumni have a huge advantage for acceptance.
"Community service has taught me all kinds of skills and increased my confidence. You go out there and think on your feet, work with others and create something from nothing. That's what life's all about." - Andrew Shue
District Contacts
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Roger Miller
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Sally Angus
Page Stories
Coming up 40 years ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday  with a Group Study Exchange Experience that has lasted a life-time.
For reasons I cannot recall, I had decided to learn French. Possibly, I’d probably not got over my Sartre-Camus passion. Back on point; in my Alliance-Francaise group was Rotarian, the late Ken Buchler, a charming man and the MD of the South African French fuel giant, Total.
"I am on a cyclical journey with Rotary that keeps on giving and is an important part of my life”. – Robbie Francis.
Robbie’s experiences have contributed to an amazing project developing a culture of disability inclusiveness through environmentally, ethically and economically sustainable trade with this illustrated by the documentary at:  
For more on her Rotary journey …
Wesley chose to come to New Zealand for his Ambassadorial Scholarship because it “offered the environment that I was looking for along with outdoor activities”.  He was joined during the year by his girlfriend and they found that the “Kiwi’s” embraced them and they quickly formed a bond of friendship with the country and their host Rotary club.  Their stay was meant to be one year and they ended up staying five. 
It's been just short of five years since I returned back to the U.S. after my life-changing time as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to New Zealand. Prior to my time in NZ, which started in February 2011, I was pretty insistent on a career as a health practitioner but my experiences in New Zealand changed my future direction dramatically ... for the better.

Okay so about Rotary. I have always heard of it but never been involved not until I got my Scholarship last year. The scholarship is amazing and carries a huge honour but what really got me to hold this beautiful image of Rotary is mainly people involved.
My Rotary Exchange in Form 4 (Year 10) literally changed my life and came at just the right moment in my schooling career and gave me my first introduction to leadership and other new skills.
Did you take part in a Rotary programme and enjoy it?  Thinking back, was there some part of it that changed you or opened an new opportunity you would not otherwise have had ... or you have a positive experience that is interesting.
Please send this to us, along with a picture if possible of you or some activity while on the programme.  We are not expecting a finely written prose or long (a paragraph would be OK) ... if, in your own words (even bullet points), you are willing to share with others so more people will be inspired to become involved with Rotary's programmes we would be delighted. 
Did you take part in and of Rotary's youth leadership or exchange, vocational or scholarship programmes?  Send to