Nick Tobia - Peace Fellow
Prior to the Rotary Peace Fellowship in 2012 at the Rotary Peace Center in Uppsala, Sweden, Nick Tobia was the chief of staff at the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines and later, a development professional at The Asia Foundation. His professional focus was on human rights, but his experiences in human rights emergencies in the context of insurgency and counter-insurgency are what brought him to the field of peace research.
Nick completed a master’s degree in peace studies, earning his MSc in Peace and Conflict Research in 2014. His thesis was on the subject of framing regional human rights framework of Southeast Asia as a non-traditional security issue. Research on dissent and legitimacy of spoilers to peace processes, became the basis for his PhD research later on in New Zealand and he has also conducted research at the Hugo Valentin Centre for Genocide Studies on the subject of jurisprudential trends at International Criminal Tribunal (former Yugoslavia) on the concepts of command responsibility and joint criminal enterprise. Nick has presented to Rotary Districts throughout Sweden on his work and his Peace Scholarship.
Nick returned to Southeast Asia in 2014, served at the regional human rights commission of ASEAN at the Jakarta headquarters, and joined the Rotary Club of Mid-town Quezon City - the same club that endorsed him to the peace fellowship. In 2016, he moved to Dunedin as a Rei Foundation fellow at the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (University of Otago). He is carrying out research on the subject of political philosophy, and the confrontations between political liberalism and democratic politics in peace agreement implementation.