The Tool - Rotaryoceania Wiki

You all know about the global encyclopedia Wikipedia ?
Well we have set up a Rotary Oceania encyclopedia called Rotaryoceania Wiki.
It is based on an open source platform call Tiki Wiki. Tiki Wiki is a Content Management System (definition here) and is much more than just a website that you are used to.
Its on-line. You get to i using your browser just as you do when looking at websites. It follows the same principles as Wikipedia, but we have structured it around the goal of digitally recording the history of the first 100 year of Rotary in New Zealand and the Pacific.
It can store any media content you can turn into a digital form - text, pictures, videos, scanned pages of rare books.
Every Rotarian in Zone 7b has a login and can update or add to their club content.
Former clubs that currently no longer exist can create their history and stories as well.