The present Steering Group members for the Mana Tangata project are
Chair John Mohi Wellington North RC
Supervisor of Historian Richard Norman Wellington RC
Treasurer Fergus Cummings Rotorua RC
Rozcom liaison Martin Garcia Tawa RC
Funding/business Case - AKL Tony Caughey Auckland RC
Funding/business Case - WLG James Austin Wellington RC
GECAF (Give Every Child a Future project) WLG link Mark Wheeler Wellington RC
TikiWiki platform/Technology Craig Horrocks Auckland RC
TikiWiki platform/Technology Richard Stephen Hutt River Valley RC
ROZjoinus liaison Tony Heyward Tawa RC
Historian Stephen Clarke Auckland
ROZops Limited (Rotary Oceania Zone Operations) is a wholly owned company held in trust by the 6 District Governors. It provides marketing, sales, accounting and technical services to the 6 Districts and Clubs in Oceania – Rotary Zone 7b.
ROZops’ Committees will support the project:
  • ROZcom - will promote the project to all Clubs.
  • ROZtech – will provide and maintain the technical online platform for the collection of information from Clubs.
                      - will provide support to Clubs and Rotarians as required for entering of information, photos, videos etc into the repository
  • ROZjoinus - will lead the national sponsorship effort which includes this project
ROZcom and District Chairs and Committees will:
  • Start with a nominated person who keeps Club history - eg history books
  • Encourage all Clubs to contribute to the electronic database - and contribute their history publications
  • Club historian - timing when Clubs may approach, or be approached, by the Historian to be advised
  • Develop Bulletin articles updating Clubs on progress.
  • Make suggestions to Clubs based on knowledge of their activities to start drafting/collecting - e.g. contributions to youth, health, environment etc.
  • Monitor and follow up Clubs to provide support and suggestions, to ensure all Clubs have the opportunity to contribute.
  • Assess what District/cross-Club initiatives need to be included and encourage those committees to provide their stories, photos and videos.