Telling our Story of Rotary...

In 2021 we will celebrate one hundred years of Rotary serving our communities in New Zealand and the South Pacific Island nations.
Our clubs are all descended from the original Clubs - Rotary Club of Wellington and Rotary Club of Auckland.
Its about the story - your story - your club story - our story - our history of Rotary's achievements in Oceania.
So why are we doing this ?
Where we came from, and where we are today in our 21st century world, our own motto - Service Above Self  - inhibits our ability to record and tell our story.
Do we know our history ?
Do we know the initiatives that shaped our Clubs and our communities ?
What connects our projects and those carried out across our region, country and district ?
Do we know and remember the stories of inspiring Rotarians
How much is being forgotten every day ?
Some Rotarian's have written books - where are they, where is their story?
So this project is about recording our journey and your story - your club's story - our story, in your native language - using modern tools for us and the world to find it, read it and understand the enormous contributions of thousands of Rotarians over a century of voluntary effort.
At the same time, we will create a professional, curated book from your stories and pictures which provides a permanent record. This will tell the story of Rotary's huge contribution to the improvement of New Zealand and Pacific Island societies across many themes of humanity - welfare of children, education, health, the environment, encouraging the local economy and women in Rotary.
We have employed a well known and respected New Zealand Historian to curate the material from all the club and personal stories and create the book.
In doing this,
  • you will preserve your heritage, your mana for community and the future;
  • claim your place in your communities;
  • tell your story to your communities;
  • strengthen partnerships and
  • identify future opportunities.