Ver 1: Initial content to get started on the Club home page
For consistency and to make it easy to find pages when they are created, we have created a common structure that all club will use to  load up your content. We are also creating specific templates for you to use.
The core structure of the Wiki is based on three categories of content. Each category includes different page templates that will be available to pick up automatically.
We have also pre-created the "file galleries" for every club which you will use to load up all your photos, videos and other material you want to make available for people to see and experience. 
The structure is (more to be added)
Notable Rotarian
Rotary Organisation (eg ROMAC, RNZWCS, IHC, Kure Kids)
Club Project
Rotary Action Group (RAG)
Use this structure to begin organising your material.
November 2018: WHAT TO DO NOW
Currently, we have created every club Home (Organisation) page. Its there waiting for you to login and begin building it.
As of now - concentrate on getting used to the layout of the wiki, building this initial page and loading up any files/pictures/records etc associated with just this Club page.
More instructions will come on creating the other pages.
To learn how to upload content - read this.