Test Page for bootstrap Modal structures as popups triggered from a word in the normal page text
You have to build the functionality in source view using html
You build the modal structure(s) at the top of the page - they do not display
Each modal structure has a name you give it in the id= attribute
The code here uses the standard comment html tag: <!-- {your text here} -->
Unfortunately CR does not display "save and publish" code very nicely so you will have to read it carefully.
You might be better to copy and paste the code into an html development editor, tweak it and then copy and paste back
There are 2 parts to getting this to work
a) build the modal structure(s)
b) add the extra html code needed around the selected keyword in the normal text
Below is text entered in normal editing view mode (like this)
The keyword is "here"
See the popup work here
Base reference used