This is a series of practical guides to help 'non-experts' produce expert results.
Click on the picture and note that many work together.  For example, you take a picture to go with the article that you send to the media but you also use that picture in your website Stories and on Facebook.  Then you reuse the same picture but with added Rotary wheel and some text as a header for your club bulletin and /or your club website Home Page.  Over time a collection on pictures becomes the basis for an interesting picture carousel on your club website Home Page that attracts volunteers to your project ... but how do you manage this additional person-power?
The guides are in Word and are safe to download.  This enables you to use these as you choose for the purpose of improving your Rotary publicity.  The guides are a starting point and where appropriate reference should be made to the ClubRunner Help function and Rotary International resources, in particular the Brand Centre.  If you have suggestions for improvement and / or for additional guides please email or contact your District PR Committee.  The file names show the date of last edit and the document author.  Also have a look at