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We are friendly men and women from a wide range of backgrounds, vocations and life-experiences which makes it very easy for you to relate to us.  You will be able to share with us those things that are important to you so we can help you make a difference.  It is highly likely that among your friends, work colleagues, neighbours or family there are Rotarians you know.  Rotary is a chance to challenge yourself and have an adventure. We are people of action, acting with integrity and achieving successful results.  Rotary is whatever you want it to be.
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Participation through service is what Rotary is all about, not meetings, not rules … service to improve our communities. It is the individual Rotarian who brings the ideas to their club for projects and events that help make their local community a better place.  We can connect with the extensive network and resources of Rotary and others in our community to succeed.  This could be you too.
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Being involved in service projects that are of interest or importance to you is not just confined to what the club does locally. There are many options for individual Rotarians, and often their family members, to become involved in projects in other communities around the world experiencing other countries and cultures and often adding a holiday aspect as well.  Rotary is after all a global network.  Does this sound like you?
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Rotary’s causes are - peace and conflict prevention/resolution; disease prevention and treatment; water, sanitation and hygiene; maternal and child health; education and literacy, plus economic and community development. There are endless ways to approach helping in each of these causes and like these Rotarians and partners, you can find your own niche, so why not ask how what interests you can be included!
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As Rotarians and those involved in Rotary get to know each other through club and wider Rotary activities friendship develop, often lasting a lifetime.  Shown here are two Rotarian couples (one is behind the camera) who became great friends through working together in Rotary and are here enjoying a few days together in the sun.  One of the pleasures of Rotary is meeting new people and enjoying time together.  Rotary is a fantastic way to meeting other people so do you us and experience this for yourself.
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Rotary is global so it involves the ongoing opportunity to experience the cultures and lifestyles of others in other countries.  But even locally you will find many cultures involved in Rotary including some Rotary clubs that specifically, but not exclusively, cater for specific cultures within society.  The thrill of experiencing something new keeps us coming back for more. Shown here is Auckland South Rotary with members of predominantly of Asian backgrounds and there are clubs with Indian and Korean orientations, and all are equal within Rotary.  Naturally such clubs have events that reflect their cultures, and such events are open to all and so much fun to go along to!
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Rotarians really know how to have fun!  A celebration at the end of a successful project or a regular get together for members and families is usual within clubs. Frequently Rotary clubs will hold events that are open to all including visitors that are excellent value and lots of fun, whether cultural nights, gala dinners or trivia nights … the possibilities are endless.
There is a lot that happens beyond the club that gathers larger numbers of Rotarians, partners and sometimes families together.  Regional and District conferences are a chance to meet people from a wide range of clubs and network, swap ideas and from the varied programme gain inspiration, new knowledge and a better appreciation of ‘local’ issues and solutions.  The premier annual event is the Rotary International Convention held in different parts of the world with well over 20,000 participants from throughout the world.  These stunning events are vibrant with high quality and varied programmes.  The ‘House of Friendship’ puts on an exhibition and organises a social programme that provides Convention participants with sightseeing experiences and the chance to “meet the locals”.  Do you enjoy an ever-changing social scene?
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All clubs are welcoming to families of Rotarians whether to meetings, projects or socials.  Here Lisa is at her club meeting in her role as club President with her son.  Involving the family is an excellent way for the family to work together and instil life skills and a care for the community, especially in the younger family members.
Rotary programmes are open for members of Rotary families to take part in on the same basis as any other applicant so many sons and daughters have benefited from highly respected quality programmes, such as Rotary Youth Exchange or Rotary Youth (Young-person) Leadership Awards for example.
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We have it all in Rotary, including the ability for you to get outdoors and get fit.  In addition to participating in the projects themselves, throughout the year there are a multitude of Rotary-organised events that gather people of all abilities together for activities ranging from 4-wheel drive rallies, running / walking events, biking events and more.  Here are two walkers on the Rotary Waiuku Sunset Coast Walk.
Then there are the many outdoor facilities Rotary has helped build in many communities.  Get outdoors on the Rotary Pathway in Pakuranga Auckland, one of the many connected Rotary walkways in the Hawkes Bay, a Rotary bike trail in the Bay of Islands through majestic bush, or one of the rugged mountain hiking/biking trails in Queenstown.  There is no need to be cooped up, so get out with Rotary.
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Rotary club activities and especially their service projects open opportunities for members to learn new skills.  Projects for example have a wide range of skills needed from planning, people management, logistics, budgeting and financials, negotiation and more that members can gain experience in within a safe and supportive environment.  These can be both organisation-oriented and hands-on practical skills such as is shown here.  Many people like the chance to grow their skill base as it stands them in good stead in life, in Rotary and in the workplace.  Do you like the prospect of doing this?
For Rotary to function successfully there are many roles needed that need Rotarians to become involved in.  At the club level some examples are Project Leader, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Image/Marketing, Bulletin Editor, President and more.  These opportunities are a practical way to develop a broad range of useful skills and confidence that stands anyone in good stead in their personal, business and community involvement.  So that people can excel in these roles the (voluntary) training that Rotary provides is first-class from District Learning and Development Seminars, the fun discussion-based Rotary Leadership Institute (for individual Rotarians) through to a multitude of quality online courses at the Rotary International Learning Center that any Rotarian can take. Are you keen to learn new skills?
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Rotary engagement is not just about being a member, a Rotarian.  There are plenty of individuals and businesses who have the confidence in Rotary’s service activities to deliver and help achieve their successes through some form of short or long-term sponsorship.  There is immense satisfaction in helping the community in the knowledge that the sponsorship goes in its entirety to the cause.  If this is how you would like to engage with Rotary, please contact us.
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Most Rotary service projects would be delighted to get additional volunteers and they are always made to feel very welcome.  Sometimes this might just be an extra pair of hands and at other times the contribution of specialist skills is crucial to success.  An example is the Taveuni Eye Project in Fiji where medical teams are made up of Rotarian and non-Rotarian volunteers to provide life-changing treatment to hundreds in need.  If you would like to volunteer, contact your local club(s).
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Rotary is local and global as is Rotarian involvement. Rotary is for people like you and me.  Rotary can cater for the interests and abilities of anyone wanting to contribute to making our communities a better place while helping you to work your life-equation better.  Rotary comes in all “shapes and sizes” that the best approach if you would like to explore further is to contact a local Rotary club(s) or someone at the District organisational level and have a discussion with a knowledgeable person to find your best fit.  Your contact would be welcomed and of course, is without obligation to proceed further unless you choose to.  Become a person of action. Rotary is whatever you want it to be so tell us how we can help you. We hope to hear from you soon.  Rotary has 115 years of experience so give us a go!
#Rotary4U  www.rotaryoceania.zone   Tell us how we can help you: 0800 4 768 279 (freephone in NZ)