Book Launch event
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Launch of history Book 12 May 2021
The National event launching our history book was recorded, along with short segments capturing many of the people who attended.
The Book
Mana Tangata: People of Action
Rotary Clubs in New Zealand and the Pacific 
Rotary has made a huge contribution in the fields of child welfare, education, public health, the environment and social enterprise in New Zealand and the South Pacific.
Many well known institutions — CCS Disability Action, Outward Bound and Cure Kids to name just a few — were kick-started by Rotary, and Rotary programmes have enriched the lives of generations of young Kiwis.

This landmark book will tell the Rotary story, its service in the community, its place in New Zealand and the South Pacifi for the past 100 years, and how it is changing to go on into the future.

From its introduction to New Zealand in 1921 to becoming one of the most intensely cultivated Rotary regions in the world, the story of Rotary will examine:

• The development of an organisation based on fellowship and the betterment of society;
• Its different forms of service and the impact of its initiatives on lives and communities;
• The grass roots stories of clubs and members as well as case studies of notable projects;   
• New Zealand’s contribution to Rotary worldwide.
AUTHOR Dr Stephen Clarke is an independent historian who also wrote After the War, the story of the RSA in New Zealand.

PUBLISHER Point Publishing Ltd, New Zealand                                                        
Softcover, 300+ pages, 260 x 190mm page size (portrait),
full-colour and lavishly illustrated. Publication April 2021.
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