Port Vila Rotary is supporting a leadership programme for local youth which provides a chance for those wanting to support a Pacific programme to do so.
The next Vanuatu’s Little Stars Summer School (VLSSS) will be held on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu,19th November – 24thDecember 2018
THE VISION: to inspire Ni - Vanuatu students to succeed in education; guiding them through their future educational challenges to become the future dynamic leaders of their developing nation.
When in Vanuatu recently, Port Vila Rotary President, Greg Procter, outlined to District 9920 Governor Jerry a Rotary idea. Vanuatu Little Stars Summer Schools (VLSSS) success has seen an increase in participation in the program. However, a number of families struggle to find the funds to send their children to this program.
Port Vila Rotary have been supporting this program. President Greg would like to see if some NZ Rotary clubs or individuals could sponsor a student for $130 to attend this amazing program.
Port Vila Rotary will be happy to coordinate funds. For further information contact Greg Procter gregpvrotary@gmail.com
The VLSSS January 2018 was a great success, with a record number of 100 students and 27 teachers/staff participating. Gender equality was a key focus with 2 out of every 3 students being girls, the majority of the teachers’ and the committee are women.
Education plays a key role in all programmes including tackling gender inequalities and developing strong female leaders.
Many inspirational young women and men were involved with the program.
Students and teachers learnt how to care for their environment, collecting empty bottles, cans, tins and old batteries for recycling. All tins used in the kitchen were put aside for recycling. Sanitation and hygiene were high on the agenda this year, with tippy taps installed all around the school and improvements made to toilet facilities.
Student confidence reached a new level with an increased emphasis on drama practice, conversational language skills and critical thinking. The first ever VL SSS library was set – up at this year’s summer school and enjoyed by the students.
If your club is looking for a youth and educational programme to support in the Pacific that will have a significant impact ion the lives of the participants then please contact Port Vila Rotary.