Kiribati is one of, if not THE, poorest nation in the Pacific with communities in desperate need of a helping hand.  District 9920 has recently initiates two major undertakings that will help these communities substantially.  Here District 9920 Governor Ingrid is shown a community garden during her April visit.
April’s theme of Maternal and Child Health really resonated recently as District Governor Ingrid and PDG Jennie Herring visited Kiribati to revitalise Rotary’s presence there through the charter of a new Rotary Community Corps and the start of a Global Grant developing a substantial hydroponics venture.
From the left: DG Ingrid, PDG Tony Castley (Sydney), PDG Simon Manning (9940) and PDG Jennie Herring.
Kiribati is one of the poorest countries in the world – one in 18 children die before the age of five years, the average wage is $AU2 per hour, there is 60% unemployment and more than 50% of the population is under the age of 20.
The purpose of the visit was to charter the South Tarawa Rotary Community Corps (STRCC) and to work on a significant Global Grant.  Otahuhu Rotary is the sponsor club for the RCC, PDG Simon Manning who is District 9940’s Foundation Chair and interested in supporting the Hydroponics Global Grant as well as exploring other opportunities, and PDG Tony Castley from Sydney whose Foundation Sewaid International ( is looking at establishing a presence in Kiribati. 
The NZ group had the privilege of meeting many local community and government leaders and visited schools, communities, a women’s centre, as well as having an interest meeting to form a full Rotary Club.  The highlight was participating in a wonderful occasion to formally mark the charter of the STRCC, where they presented every member with a Charter certificate as well as the Corps formal charter.
The evening was a true celebration of delicious island food of incredible variety and a very memorable, energetic performance of local songs and dances.  The appreciation of the community of Rotary’s concern for and support them was very evident.  It is hoped that Rotary clubs from throughout New Zealand but really, anywhere in the world for this community in need is considered into the future.

Reprinted from a District 9920 website Story.