Below are suggestions with ideas clubs may find useful for staying in touch with members and keeping them engaged in Rotary.  This is particularly important for some Rotarians who are missing their weekly Rotary meetings and are starting to feel isolated - who are they?  You will have to use good communication practices to find them.  There is nothing lost trying some of these suggestions ... if after a period they are working you can communicate this success to those not yet participating so they too may give the initiative a try and if they do not work you at least tried and can look at alternatives.  There is nothing more certain than clubs do need to do something.  Get several members involved with organising these engagement activities both to, engage them, and to share the workload so it can be sustained for the long-term.
A reminder that in the current environment it is up to each club to make its own decision on how to proceed with meetings, projects and events although erring on the side of caution is sensible. If meetings continue then members should take the advised social precautions now well communicated in the media.
1) From D.6690
A useful guide has been provided by District 6690 intended for their members but equally of use for us. 
It covers:
  • Interim virtual meetings
  • Engagement through social media
  • Engagement through service
  • Creative engagement strategies
  • Important links and resources (most are relevant)
Getting the guide:
2) From Zone 34
Another similar resource (but with additional ideas) is on the RI Blog written by Zone 34: