Initiated by Rotary, Probus is a not-for-profit organisation with Clubs in all States and Territories of
Australia, New Zealand and 21 other countries. It provides retirees and semi-retirees the opportunity to
connect socially, exploring new interests, and maintaining an active role in their communities.
The core goal of Probus Clubs is providing meaningful support to encourage active and enjoyable social
participation. By working together, the problems associated with social isolation can be reduced. Older
people who are in good health, live in safe communities, have satisfying relationships, and experience
meaningful roles in society are likely to be the most socially engaged and to remain contributing members of
their local and wider communities for much longer.
Significant benefits can flow to communities by Rotary Clubs supporting or assisting in the formation of
new Probus Clubs in their local area to actively assist older New Zealanders to continue and expand their
interests, while enjoying the fellowship of new friends and participation in society. That is what occurred in
November 1974 when the Kapiti Rotary Club founded the Kapiti Coast Probus Club. This was the first
Probus Club in the South Pacific. It continues to thrive with over 100 members who are all looking forward
to celebrating the Club’s 50th anniversary in 2024.
There is an opportunity for retired Rotarians and their partners in addition to their membership of their
Rotary Club, to join their local Probus Club. New members can come together with others to have fun by
participating in a range of activities and interest groups, listen to speakers about interesting topics, broaden
their circle of friends and to stay engaged and connected.
There are benefits for Rotary Clubs who sponsor or have sponsored Probus Clubs in the past, to stay
connected with these Clubs. Creating or maintaining a relationship with local Probus Clubs supports the
awareness and promotion of Rotary Clubs and may provide opportunities for volunteers for Rotary projects
and prospects of attracting Rotarians from families of Probus members.
What could be a more positive and important Rotary community activity than PROBUS, meeting the needs
and wellbeing of those in our communities that are retired and semi-retired?
Take the challenge – get to know your local Probus Clubs and explore the opportunity to sponsor or support
the formation of a new Club in your community, or reconnect with a Probus Club that your Rotary Club has
formed in the past.
Probus South Pacific Limited (PSPL) - is the service and support centre for members, Clubs and
Associations and formation of new Clubs across New Zealand and Australia.
E: W: T:0800 1477 6287
PROBUS – Fun and Friendship in Retirement