68,055 projects  
37,530,545 volunteer hours  
2,469,011 people involved  
US$564,986,628 funds contributed  
US$320,969,437 donated in kind goods and services  
These are the projects displayed on Rotary Showcase website and represent only a fraction of the projects done in Rotary.  Have a look and you will be in awe of the variety and depth of the projects Rotary clubs engage in and the thing to remember is that these are all clubs just like the one in your local community.
A couple of comments for Rotary clubs:
  • Get your projects onto Rotary Showcase for the world to see.
  • Record your volunteer hours ... at the end of each year you can use these figures to illustrate to your own community in a meaningful way your impact
  • These figures alone cannot express the total impact as there is also includes the emotional value to the community and the best way to express this is through the telling of your project stories and including quotes and interviews from those who have benefited.
  • Finally, the picture proves the photographer really does not need to miss out being included.