Finding your passion in Rotary ...
The purpose of the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is to strengthen and enhance your life and your club. It is open to enthusiastic Rotarians and Rotaractors. Rotary provides an opportunity for all of us to provide service to our local community and throughout the world (Service Above Self). With that service comes a learning experience in the areas of leadership, team building, planning, marketing, communication and organisation. 
This is of huge benefit to your club, but as a personal skill set, this is just as applicable for you in your job and life in general. RLI provides an opportunity to enrich that learning through sharing experiences and ideas with other Rotarians and Rotaractors throughout our region in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
Indicative benefits gained:
Higher engagement levels = 67%
Better at what we do = 61%
Lower turnover = 57%
The RLI programme consists of three separate seminars Parts 1, 2, and 3, which can be completed at the participant's preferred pace. Some Rotary districts enable you to complete all of these over one weekend, whereas other districts hold them on three separate days. Refer to upcoming RLI course dates and venues below. 
You do not have to do the RLI course in your own district, as you are able to apply to take RLI in another district. The curriculum content is prescribed by International RLI for consistency, although there will also be some localisations to reflect how Rotary works in our part of the Rotary world.
Each RLI session is highly interactive, and some modules include relevant activities, so RLI offers lots of opportunities for participants to share their varied experience and ideas. The sessions are led by experienced Rotary leaders who have been RLI trained in the facilitation techniques to maximize the learning experience.
RLI Part 1 focuses on what being a Rotarian or Rotaractor really means. Topics included are: Insights into Leadership; My Rotary World; Engaging Members; Ethics and Vocational Service; Our Foundation; plus Creating Service Projects.
RLI Part 2 focuses on how to be effective in your Rotary club. Topics included are: Strategic Planning and Analysis; Attracting Members; Targeted Service; Club Communication; plus Team Building.
RLI Part 3 builds on what you have learned in the prior parts, and focuses on programs, techniques and collaboration essential to continue your Rotary journey. Topics included are: Rotary Opportunities; International Service; Public Image and Public Relations; Effective Leadership Strategies; Building a Stronger Club; and Making a Difference. 
Once you have completed the above, you become an RLI Graduate.  District 9920 also holds their one-day RLI Graduate programme annually (usually in March, or sometimes in April) that focuses on Transforming your Rotary or Rotaract Club and Becoming an Extraordinary Rotarian or Rotaractor.  Topics included are: Being Coachable; Listening; Actions; Dealing with the Said and Unsaid; Transformation Change; Past and Future-Based Thinking and Conversations; Evaluating Your Club (What Is and Isn't Working plus What's Missing); Creating a Perfect 10 (Out of 10) Club; A Future Scenario; Being In the "Game" of Rotary; Integrity; and the Impact Ladder.  RLI Graduates from other districts are also welcome to attend. 
It is usual for club Presidents and/or Presidents Elect to nominate new and more experienced club members to attend RLI, but Rotarians or Rotaractors can also ask to be included. Most Rotary clubs, including those that sponsor a Rotaract club, pay the RLI registration fee for their Rotarians or Rotaractors who attend RLI.
So, RLI provides an understanding of the breadth and scale of Rotary, and how these connect and interact, to encourate engagement (involvement and retention).  It is then up to RLI Graduates to take this new knowledge and leadership skills to connect as many different aspects as are relevant to them at any point in time, and then ‘drill down’ for depth of understanding, using the extensive RLI resources available. 
RLI Facilitators are experienced Rotarians who have completed the required facilitation training to be on the Faculty of the Rotary Leadership Institute New Zealand and Pacific Islands Division. Prerequisites include completion of RLI Parts 1, 2 and 3 (so RLI Graduate status), or comparable vocational facilitation experience, plus extensive Rotary experience.  The RLI Faculty Trainers of new Facilitators are current or past Rotary International Assembly Trainers and the RLI Division Chair. Inclusion on the RLI Facilitators' (train the trainers) course is by nomination of the District Governor and/or District Governor Elect, in consultation with their District RLI Chair.  Interested Rotarians who are keen to become RLI Facilitators should contact their District RLI Chair in the first instance.
It is noted that most club Presidents and District Governors are RLI Graduates or RLI Facilitators respectively, illustrating the value of the programme.  There is immense benefit for Presidents Elect to encourage those taking on Board or senior club or project leader positions to attend RLI.  A tactic used by many successful clubs is to nominate at least two members to attend each RLI course intake, of which one may be a newish member.
Please do not hesitate to contact your District RLI Chair who is listed below, if you have any questions about the RLI programme.
Note that some districts choose to use an adaptation of the Rotary Leadership Institute name to Rotary Learning and Information as a by-line for recruitment to these seminars, but this does not change the integrity of the International RLI programme, as the RLI logo is used with all promotion of this excellent programme, and it's also on the extensive RLI curriculum material.
RLI builds a better Rotary through leadership education
RLI prepares Rotarians and Rotaractors for club and district leadership roles and succession planning
Rotary District 9910:
8 and 9 June 2019 - Auckland - RLI Parts 1,2 and 3 weekend
District 9920:
30 and 31 March 2019 - 8.30am arrival before 8.45am to 4.30pm - Auckland venue TBC (probably in Glendowie-Kohimarama area) - RLI Parts 1, 2 and 3 weekend, plus RLI Graduate programme on 31 March 
7 and 8 September 2019 - 8.30am arrival before 8.45am to 4.30pm - Auckland venue TBC (probably in Glendowie-Kohimarama area) - RLI Parts 1, 2 and 3 weekend, hopefully jointly with both neighbouring Rotary Districts 9920 and 9910 
District 9930:
16 February 2019  - 9am to 4.30pm - Rotary House, 12 Story Place, Taupo - Rotary Learning and Information Day 2 (Parts 2 and 3), plus the first ever RLI Graduate seminar in D9930  
7 and 8 April 2019 - Rotorua - Rotary Learning and Information Parts 1, 2 and 3 weekend 
District 9940
2018-2019 Rotary year - Next RLI around District 9940 TBA  
District 9970:
2018-2019 Rotary year - Next RLI in District 9970 TBA 
District 9980:
2018-2019 Rotary year - Rotary Learning and Information TBA in:
Oamaru or Timaru, and 
RLI FACILITATORS' COURSE (TRAIN THE TRAINERS) DATES - by invitation for Districts 9910-9980:
23 and 24 March 2019 - Te Puna Hauora, 58A Akoranga Drive, Northcote, Auckland (kindly hosted by District 9910)
RLI, NZ and Pacific Islands Division Founder, Chair, Trainer and Facilitator:  PDG Beryl Robinson +64 21 652 802
RLI Facilitators Trainer: PDG Trish Boyle +64 27 333 1339
RLI Course Registrations via:
District 9910 RLI Lead:  Sue Russell +64 21 225 5199 but preferably via
District 9920 RLI Chair:  Pam Clarke +64 27 600 1363
and RLI Coordinator Byran Theunisen +64 27 579 7930 
District 9930 RLI Chair:  Roberta Budvietas  +64 27 685 4229
District 9940 RLI Co-chairs:  Lee Wilkinson  +64 21 455 326 and Gillian Jones +64 274 403 764 
District 9970 RLI Chair:  Barbara Crooks  +64 21 966 631
District 9980 Training Chair:  PDG Bruce Cowan +64 22 366 7455