Join us in the heart of a new regenerating city to experience the energy of Rotary. Where every age, race and religion come together to build a better place.


Nau Mai (Welcome) to Christchurch - host of the Regeneration Conference!

We assume that visitors to this page are Rotarians who agree that Rotary is a great organisation. Well, let us tell you that, after being ranked among the top 19 world "relax, explore or learn" destinations, and with a solid focus on Regeneration, Rotary+Christchurch is simply "irresistible". But don't take our word for it - see below ( 
For a complete list of things to see and do in and around Christchurch, see
If you still need persuading, the 2019 Regeneration conference includes such Rotary speakers as Rotary International President 2019-20 Mark Daniel Maloney and Past RI Director and Treasurer and current Trustee of The Rotary Foundation 2018-22 Per Hoyen.
Irresistable! Block out your diary now, check the tour options available while you are here and get those early-bird air tickets sorted...

Discuss Rotary's Regeneration amid Christchurch's Regeneration

Enjoy great speakers, including Mark Maloney and Per Hoyen. Focus on the changing face of Rotary in our countries, involving community groups, seminars for all age groups and tours. See projects showing Rotary in Action, rebuilding our community.
Christchurch is known as the “Garden City” of New Zealand and spring will be here when you arrive. A very beautiful time of year to appreciate our environment.
We are still recovering from the 2010/11 earthquakes and their 10,000+ aftershocks (thankfully behind us) and, alongside the many new and rebuilt facilities, visitors will see vacant lots brightened by murals and a number of damaged buildings awaiting repair/replacement.
We are also now recovering from the recent terrorist attack, which was so uncharacteristic of New Zealand society and which, we are determined to show, strengthened rather than weakened our community bonds.
The conference venue is our iconic Town Hall, an architectural award-winning building situated in the heart of the city on the banks of the Avon River, which opened in March 2019 after $150million earthquake repairs.
Christchurch is a foodie heaven boasting over 900 cafes, restaurants and cool bars. We have wonderful New Zealand wineries on our doorstep and fantastic local craft beers.
Christchurch is the gateway to the scenic South Island with a variety of activities to enjoy. Consider extending your stay to see the country.
Plan to arrive early and/or to stay late, to experience our revitalised and regenerated city, hospitality and environs and to travel further to enjoy the unique New Zealand landscape.
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The Program
Wednesday morning 18th - A variety of field trips, seminars and symposiums will be available
Wednesday evening - Gala Dinner at the Transitional ‘Cardboard’ Cathedral.
Thursday 19th - Community lunchtime event.
Friday afternoon 20th - Conference opening.
Saturday afternoon 21st - ‘Engaging with Community – Emerging Leaders Symposium’ at the Salvation Army premises.
The Venue
The venue of the conference is the fully refurbished and iconic Christchurch Town Hall on the banks of the Avon river, located 5-10 minutes walk from central city accommodation and Cathedral Square.
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A message from the Convenor
In September of 2019 we will all be gathering together in Christchurch New Zealand for the New Zealand Australia South Pacific Rotary Conference...

Conference Co-Chairs

Past District Governors Ross Skinner & Liz Courtney


An Invitation from Greymouth Rotary
Greymouth Rotary, home of the 2019-20 Governor of District 9970, extends a warm invitation to everyone to take the Trans Alpine train and explore the West Coast.
New Zealand Tours

Pakuranga Rotary (District 9920), invites you to join one of 3 tours, as follows:
Tour #1 is a 2 week Pre-Tour (15 day-14 night) which includes both the North and South Islands - starting in Auckland Thurs 5th Sep and finishing in Christchurch Wed 18th Sep.
Tour #2 is a 1 week Pre-Tour (8 day-7 night) is South Island only - starting from Christchurch on Wed 11th Sep and finishing in Christchurch Wed 18th Sep.
Tour #3 is a 1 week Post-Tour (7 day-6 night) is South Island only - starting from Christchurch on Mon 23rd Sep and finishing in Christchurch on Sunday 29th Sep.