Stories 2 Inspire
If you send it we WILL use it!
Your project success and experience audience is potentially 8,500 NZ and Pacific Rotarians, Rotarians of the world and millions of people who could support Rotary and you if we inspire them to do so using your story.
Be confident – you have a great story to tell!
Be creative – what is new, unusual, innovative, unique to this, interesting.
The easiest way is to send in your ‘conversation’ and simple bullet points is quite OK as we can create the story from those.
  • Who was involved?
  • What did you do – again, hook the audience with the new and unique
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen (or is going to happen)?
  • Why did it happen? – what was the real, deep, meaningful outcomes/benefits of the project”  There may be several and for different participants.
Have a look at this brief document: SNAPSHOT on writing an article   Download and circulate to your club members.
One useful technique:
How would you describe your project to others in a casual setting?  Probably you would want to impress by mentioning the exciting, interesting and quirky happening at the project maybe with the odd impressive fact thrown in and it is the same when writing what you would like to tell via Rotary media … just be yourself when writing this down (bullet points are OK as we can always call you and chat for more detail) … it is not a paper that is to judged and marked but rather a Story that others can relate to and hopefully prompt them to engage with your club in some way.  Towards the end of this page are two examples from using this technique.
Getting quotes from participants at various areas (think Rotarians/organisers, sponsors, beneficiaries and those who care for them such as teachers/parents) adds a warm 'human' touch to a story and after all it is people we are helping so what are they saying and thinking?
Using pictures makes your story visually stimulating so also be creative.  The ideal size is the highest size your camera will take and send that so it can be cropped to make even better if needed.
Practice makes perfect so keep on sending these in all the time – we WILL use them.
Have a look at this brief document:  SNAPSHOT for taking a photo  Download and circulate to your club members.
WE WILL forward suitable stories to District Publicity Chairs and Newsletter Editors as a way of leveraging your contribution plus Rotary Down Under where appropriate (see below).  You may also consider adding stories to Rotary Voices on the Rotary International website.  It is assumed you have used your Stories for club bulletins, local media etc as you should to maximise publicity for your club as each probably reaches a different audience.

Example One: 
Over drinks following South Pacific Training in Auckland, it was casually mentioned by Leanne that she had received Rotary badges for her kids from DGE Malini of District 9920:
Family are part of our Rotary involvement
District 9920 Governor Elect Malini presented Leanne Jaggs with a name badge each for her two children for the coming year.  Malini did this because Leanne is often accompanied to Rotary meetings and events by her children (and of course husband Mike) where they do take an active part in the proceedings.  Malini said that “our children are a complete part of what we do.  They are a part of our Rotary involvement and I think all Rotarians should find ways to proactively recognise that our children are Rotary’s future.”
She has done the same for her son Jordan (whose birthday is 23 February, same as Rotary’s!) and for the children of two of her Assistant Governors for the same reasons.
This then featured in Rotary media on the District 9920 website and Facebook and on the RotaryNZ Facebook page at .  So being alert and then acting on interesting snippets can easily provide a flow of stories and social media posts that are great publicity of interest to both members and the public.  In this case the story can be told again after District Changeover where the children will also be present and can be included in a photo and their comments noted and included (good stories need not be on-off use).
Example Two:
This again shows that telling a story can be easy – a quick photo was taken and the scene described in two sentences and an interesting snippet included and for 3 minutes work a post that attracted over  2,300 views and over 70 Likes plus 11 Shares and Comments to boot.  So easy yet so many people know a little more about Rotary!
While clubs can and should do this for their Facebook,  if the same is sent to a much wider audience can be reached.