This is a publicity and membership-attraction campaign for ALL  CLUBS to make use of.
STARTS 1 May 2017 and runs for three months minimum.
The campaign has been developed by specialists in social media who are not Rotarians (but are now familiar with Rotary) - this means that they are able to create messages relevant for the non-Rotarian public.
You will note that some posts and posters are a little "edgy" - this is deliberate to encourage engagement with the posts.
  • clubs have to be pro-active in participating - you will NOT be chased to participate
  • Campaign is being run via with a combination of paid advertisements and organic posts
    • ALL material can be used by districts and clubs
    • You can share the advertisements and posts as is (not recommended) or share with your own text/viewpoint at the top (recommended and much more effective than without)
    • Or you can ask for the post template and modify using your own pictures and text
    • Watch also your District Facebook page to see if/how they adapt the advertisements and organic posts - it helps understand what you can do if you need ideas
    • BUT WE ASK that you only use posts inline with their presentation on the @rotarynewzealand Facebook page - eg.  Only display/share Young Professional posts in the period these are showing on the @rotarynewzealand Facebook page and not use Recently Retired until those show
  • The campaign will run over 3 months from mid-April and all material can continue to be used after that time
    • An approximate timetable will be available soon
  • Share across posts from the Rotary New Zealand and / or your District Facebook pages
    • Add text or change to reflect your club - if you would like a specific post adapted for your club see 'To create your own ..." below
    • These will be about 4 times a week
  • On days where you are not Sharing posts, create your own using current club activity
The following are available without login - it is suggested you download these - some are lengthy and detailed in explanation but don't get put off by that, use what you need.
If you use Photoshop/inDesign we can send your club the files to create your own post images and posters.
If you don’t use these programs, we can make the images up and send them back for you to post online.
For each post needed, please send the following to
  • Name and club
  • Photo
  • Two or three quotes under eight words long.
  • Three or four interesting words you identify with. For example: biker, magician, potter.
Whether it is Facebook, your website or bulletin, your local media or other, having gathered the material you need makes everything so much easier ... but how?  Well, have a read of this page:
  1. Your district website/social media committee
  2. Louise Evans (campaign developer)
  3. Karen Purdue (Rotary Zone7b Communications Committee Chair)